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Genki 2

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The Genki 2 Textbook is the perfect sequel to the Genki 1 Textbook, providing a comprehensive guide to intermediate Japanese language and culture. This textbook covers more advanced grammar, vocabulary, and kanji, building on the foundation established in the first volume. With a focus on practical, real-life situations, the Genki 2 Textbook is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their Japanese language skills and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

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Genki 2 Textbook is the perfect sequel to the widely acclaimed Genki 1 Textbook, designed to help learners of the Japanese language and culture attain a higher level of proficiency. This textbook is used in many Japanese language programs around the world, and is loved by both students and teachers alike. It covers a wide range of topics that will allow learners to further develop their language skills and cultural knowledge.

What’s inside?
– Covers intermediate grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and expressions.
– Contains various exercises, activities, and cultural notes to enhance learning and understanding.
– Includes an audio CD with dialogues and listening comprehension exercises to improve listening and speaking skills.
– Provides a comprehensive and structured approach to learning Japanese.


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