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When it comes to traveling around Japan on a budget, one option stands out as the most affordable and convenient: highway buses. These long-distance buses offer an excellent way to explore multiple prefectures without breaking the bank. Among the various providers, Willer Express has garnered a reputation for being a top choice among foreigners due to its extensive network, reliable service, and budget-friendly options. Let’s delve into the details and discover why Willer Express is a recommended choice for cost-conscious travelers.

Japan Bus Pass by Willer Express

One of the highlights of traveling exclusively with Willer Express is the Japan Bus Pass, an incredible money-saving option for exploring the country that no other highway bus company offers. Available for foreign tourists, this pass allows unlimited travel on Willer Express buses within a specified period. By purchasing the pass, you can enjoy the freedom to hop on and off buses, covering multiple destinations without worrying about individual ticket costs which tend to be higher priced. Willer Express provides various pricing options for the Japan Bus Pass, catering to different travel needs and durations as shown below.

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Note that the days do NOT have to be consecutive meaning you have the freedom to choose which days you want to travel as long as it is within 2 months of purchasing the Willer Express bus pass. Assuming you only travel on weekdays (excluding Friday) and purchase the 7-day pass, you can effectively reduce the price of a one-way trip to Hiroshima from Tokyo to as low as 2200 yen! Regardless of which pass you buy, it is almost always cheaper than buying the bus tickets individually. Pro tip: if you do plan on staying the weekend, hotel prices tend to be more expensive so it might be a good idea to reduce the cost of a night’s accommodation by instead sleeping on a night bus to your next destination although be warned, it can be uncomfortable.

5-Day BusPass Management Selection Screen

Willer’s Flexible Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

With Willer Express, flexibility is key. If your plans change unexpectedly, you can cancel your reservation without incurring significant costs. In case your travel plans change unexpectedly, you can cancel your bus reservation without consuming a use of the pass. Even without the Japan Bus Pass, Willer Express offers low cancellation fees, often as low as ¥100, even on the day of cancellation. This remarkable flexibility sets Willer Express apart from competitors like Kosokubus, ensuring that your travel plans remain adaptable and budget-friendly. Make sure to review the specific terms and conditions on the Willer Express website for the cancellation and rebooking process as there are some exceptions.

BusPass Management Destination Selection Screen

Optimal Seat Reservation Timing and Features

To secure your desired itinerary and ensure the availability of seats, it is highly recommended to reserve your Willer Express bus at least two days in advance. By planning ahead, you can enjoy a stress-free journey and avoid disappointment due to fully booked buses, particularly during peak travel seasons. Again, it is economical to reserve a night bus so you can take advantage of the whole day once you arrive at your destination early in the morning and so you can save a night in a hotel.

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Luckily, Willer Express busses are not only economical but are also decently comfortable and come with a variety of accessories. Seats are spacious, reclining, have multiple cushions (neck rest, leg rest, back, seat, and waist) and a hood to block light. While there is not any Wi-Fi for busses using the bus pass, there are USB cell phone chargers and a blanket that you can use for free!

Verdict: Go with Willer Express for the Cheapest Way to Travel Across Japan

When it comes to finding the cheapest way to travel in Japan, Willer Express highway buses are an unbeatable option. With their Japan Bus Pass, offering various pricing options to suit different travel durations, you can explore the country affordably and conveniently. Benefit from Willer Express’ flexible cancellation and rebooking policies, allowing you to adapt your plans without incurring significant costs. Don’t forget to reserve your seats at least two days in advance for a hassle-free journey. Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Japan, knowing you’ve chosen the most cost-effective way to explore its beauty and culture.

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