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One of the most exciting aspects of traveling in Japan is the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique concerts, events, and attractions. However, navigating the ticket-buying process can be a bit complex, especially for foreigners. This guide will take you through the process, helping you understand where and how to buy, resell, and transfer tickets in Japan.

Obtaining Tickets: The Normal Method

Typically, there are two main ways of obtaining tickets: online platforms and physical ticket outlets.

  1. Online Platforms/Apps: The most common way of obtaining tickets is by searching online and buying directly from the organizer’s main website which will usually redirect you to purchasing using platforms such as e-Plus, Ticket Pia, and Lawson Ticket. These platforms facilitate the ticket transaction and provide an English version of their websites to aid non-Japanese speakers. You can also browse for tickets on these sites. Mobile apps like LINE Ticket are also popular and convenient, allowing users to purchase tickets directly from their smartphones. You may need to download the app and make an account which requires mobile verification in order to receive the QR code which you will need to present at the entrance on the event day.
  1. Physical Tickets: One of the most common places to purchase physical tickets is at convenience stores such as Lawson, Family Mart, and 7-Eleven. These stores have ticket machines where you can search for events, purchase tickets, and print them out on the spot. Typically, If you buy a ticket online, there will be an option to make payment and receive your physical ticket at a selected convenience store which can be helpful if you can’t pay by card and wish to pay by cash instead.

Next, let’s delve into the world of third-party ticket purchases. Get ready, you are in for a shock!

Embracing Resale Platforms: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Resale Tickets in Japan

In the whirlwind of concert announcements and event promotions, it can be easy to miss out on getting tickets for your most-awaited events. But fret not! This is where ticket resale platforms like and come into play, providing a second chance to score tickets to sold-out shows, events, and more. I know what you’re thinking, and so I am happy to inform you that contrary to overpriced resell tickets you find in the west, you can actually find resell tickets selling below regular price. Let’s dive in and unravel the pros and cons of using ticket resale websites!

Note: Viagogo is an international ticket resell site for English speakers that sell Japanese event tickets. Often than not, you will not find your Japanese event ticket here but for events with Western artists such as Summer Sonic, you may be able to!

TicketJam Act as an Escrow, Ensuring you Get your Ticket or your Money Back.

Pros of Buying Resale Tickets

  1. Access to Sold-out Events: The biggest advantage of using ticket resale sites is the ability to obtain tickets for sold-out events. If you missed the general sale or an event was extremely popular, these platforms provide a second chance to get your hands on a ticket.
  2. Lower Price: Japan has laws against reselling tickets above the regular price which helps control price gauging and fight off scalpers. Thus, it is not uncommon to find tickets selling below the regular price since the ones selling are most commonly ordinary people who had a change of plans.
  3. Secure Transactions: Platforms like and ensure secure transactions. The platforms hold the payment until the buyer confirms receipt of the ticket, reducing the risk of scams.
  4. Variety of Events: These platforms offer tickets to a wide variety of events, from concerts and theater performances to sports events. This makes them a one-stop shop for all your event-going needs. You can even find Universal Studio Japan or Ghibli Park tickets selling at a discount!

Cons of Buying Resale Tickets

  1. Potential for Higher Prices: Tickets on resale platforms can often be priced higher than their original selling price due to demand, especially for popular or sold-out events.
  2. Limited Availability: While these platforms do offer access to sold-out events, the availability of tickets is still dependent on whether someone is selling. This means there might still be events where obtaining a ticket is difficult.
  3. Service Fees: Buying tickets through these platforms usually involves additional service fees. These fees cover the cost of maintaining the platform and facilitating the transaction
  4. Non-English: Communication on these platforms is completely Japanese so you will most likely be relying on a translation app.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

While there are both advantages and disadvantages to using ticket resale sites, the potential to secure tickets to sought-after events often outweighs the potential drawbacks. By understanding how these platforms work, you can make an informed decision and potentially score tickets to an event, concert, or attraction like USJ at a discounted price! So next time your favorite artist comes to town, don’t fret if you missed the general sale – check out the resale platforms, and you just might get lucky!

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